The central symbol of Mug Hakdong is the Cafe House. Cafe House realizes the idea that two feet stand firmly on the ground of reality but eyes watch upward and constantly pursue dreams.

The ceiling is high. And That ceiling is not closed but open with cross shaped ceiling window.
You will feel coolness and relaxing pleasure watching the wiggle that the water above those scuttle generates.

The stairs located in the middle height of the building leading to the rooftop divides the building into two parts and gives dramatic atmosphere.
The white ceiling decorated with Korean traditional paper Hanji is high and feels like clear Korean sky.

The light coming through the window of the ceiling is reflected by installed mirror device and generates various spectacles of sunlight pictures. Also, the upper parts of the walls themselves can used as screens for various visual displays.

The lower part decorated with wood and black metal contrasts the white ceiling and depicts the ground world under the sky. With the minimal style of the exterior, the refined retro style of the interior makes another contrast.

We prepared a small book cafe on the second floor of Cafe House.
Reading with coffee scent in this cozy place will lead you to find the sound from the deep part of your inner self.

The space where you will get out of daily lives and get healing and inspiration.
This is the Cafe House.

Book Cafe
There is a small book cafe in the second floor.

Cafe House rental information
Cafe House can be partitioned into 3 separate spaces.
These spaces are separately or unitedly available for rental to be used for seminar, education and tea party e.t.c. the book cafe in the second floor is also available for rental.

Regarding rental of Cafe House,
Please, contact us by phone (070-8873-3092 / 010-5036-3889) or by posting at Q&A board.