The pond in the air
* * *
We have put sky in the pond. Sky create ripples whenever water moves by the wind.
It would be a waste if we blocked the clean Geoje sky so we have put the sky in the pond on the ceiling.

The stairway heaven
* * *
The sky of Geoje is showing so clean between the walls.
we feel closer to heaven with each step here.

The way of the wind
* * *
One of the biggest hindrance in building Mug Hakdong was the wind.
The way of the wind is for soothing the wild wind.
We gave way to the wind and it brought us a beautiful view in return.

The break of light
* * *
Lights pouring from the sky console our weary heart.
Stand in the break of light and feel the warmth and coolness of light of Geoje

The mirror of the moon
* * *
The night sky in Geoje is still clear.
We gave the mirror as a gift to the moon showing itself in the clear night sky.