“A dreaming white rock over Mongdol the pebbles”

A white rock surrounded by white walls symbolizes our precious dream.
The white rock is divided into pieces with + cross shaped cracks, which means openness and abstinence.
The white rock is not closed as a lump but open toward the dream and ready to change.

The open banded wall around the white rock also means clemency.
In other words, the outer wall is peculiarly structured to be partially open as a casement. The outer wall creates artificial closedness and partially opening this closed outer walls makes us feel stronger sense of openness.

In addition, the stairway of the white building shown in the open part of the wall gives dramatic feeling of the dark but transparent crack of ‘dreaming white rock over the Mongdol’.

Come and experience this space of dream in Mug Hakdong yourself.
Cafe space with fresh and deep coffee scent and Accommodation space with meditation and healing wait for you.

* Even though the photos of the front side of the building shows mountain view as the background, the seaside is within 50 m from Mug Hakdong. Mug hakdong is the closest accommodation to ‘Mongdol beach’ around this area.