Are you aware that , besides Jeju island,
they also grow tropical citrus crop Jeju Hanrabongin Geoje Island?
On the south foot of this warm Geoje Island,
where Geoje Nojasan peak and Garasan valley meet,
there resides Mongdol Beach.
Our Guest House & Art Cafe, Mug Hakdong is located on this beach.

This town's name "Hakdong", meaning the town of Crane, portrays the beautiful shape of the coast line which look like a flying crane.
At Mongdol beach, which means small black stones beach, you can enjoy the beautiful sound of waves and tides hugging and crashing the stones.

Children of this small town grew up with a dream, a dream that someday they can share this beautiful nature with everyone.
They wanted to build a special building which goes with this nature.
On 2010, their building project started with the support of a few friends and finally they could build a special place with the sweat and efforts of many people.

The water, the birds and the island had become children's dreams and they wove those dreams into a white building of Mug Hakdong.
Now this is our memory and will be the beginning of many other’s precious memory.

Mug Hakdong, the dream on cobble stones.
We will meet here and will remember it for a long, long time.

The most auspicious spot in Geoje island,
where everyone will be refreshed and be filled with new evergy.

Come to this place now!
The dreamy white house on the cobble stones.