1. Contact us

- Call : 010-5036-3889
- e-mail : mughakdong@naver.com
- Q&A Board
- Bank Account : 352-0942-2061-83 / NHBank / Account Holder : Kim, Jung rok

2. Guides and Policy..

Please note that cooking is not allowed in All rooms. Utensil and facility for cooking are not furnished.
• You can make a reservation of a room on this web site at the menu of  ‘Reservation/On-line Reservation’.
• Making a reservation of the Cafe must go through contacting us by call or Q&A board.
• Additional person to accomodate will be charged by additional charge per person. Maximum capacity cannot be exceeded. you cannot use the room with more people than maximum capacity and in this case, no refund will be made
• An underaged child(under 6) will not be charged with additional charge per person. however, if you require additional bedding for the child, additional charge will be added.
(Do not include the child(under 6) in the count of group when you make the reservation, Instead, please write it in the ‘additional request’ of reservation. if the child is older than 6 , please please add the child to your group of people to use the room)

• Check-in time is 3 pm ~ 6 pm. if you want to check in later than 6 pm, you must give us notification regarding check-in time. otherwise, you might not be able to check-in.
• Check-out should be done by 11:30 am. Please, do not forget personal belongings and put amenities at the original places.
• The key should be returned to the management. please let us know if there was any inconvenience.
• The rooms cannot be rented to minorities without accompanying adults.

• We shall not be responsible for the accidents caused by guest’s negligence. (Please, be especially cautious if you travel with children)
• Pets are not allowed in the room.
• Indiscreet acts such as abuse of alcohol, singing and dancing loud, noise etc which disturb other quests can be given attention, warned or forced to check out. No refund will be made in this case.

• Garbage should be dumped in designated area separately according to Korean Recycling law.
• Rental of Cafe house should go through contact and consulting.
• Please, contact us for rental by calling us at 010-5036-3889 or by posting at Q&A board. We will return your contact promptly.
• Smoking is strictly forbidden in indoor areas. please, use outside area such as Barbecue area.

Mug hakdong enlargement construction is in progress. BBQ section does not operate for the time being.

3. Reservation

• You can make a reservation for a room in ‘On-Line Reservation’ menu after checking the schedule and availability information.
• Please use bank account transfer for payment.
• Without transfer of payment in 24 hr after the on-line reservation, the reservation will be cancelled.
• If the transfer of payment is made after 24 hr, the payment will be refunded to the guest with the cancellation of the reservation. ( Bank transfer fee will be deducted from the original amount of the payment)
• If the reservation is made at the day of check-in or 1 day before the check-in date, the transfer must be made in 2 hr, otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled.
• If the name of guest for reservation and the name of transfer account holder is different, please contact us and let us know.

4. Refund

• Please understand that our refund policy is necessary for settlement of proper reservation practices.
• Please, consider the date and the room carefully before you make the reservation.
• Refund will be made to the account holder who has made the payment transfer. and the bank transfer fee will be deducted from the original amount.

Refund for Cafe house payment :
• Upon cancellation, 10% of penalty will be charged.
• If you cancel 7 days or more prior to the check-in date, 90%
• If you cancel 3~6 days prior to the check-in date, 50%
• If you cancel 2 days or less prior to the check-in date, no refund

Refund for the room :
• If you cancel 7 days or more prior to the check-in date, 100%
• If you cancel 5 days prior to the check-in date, 80%
• If you cancel 3 days prior to the check-in date, 60%
• If you cancel 1 or 2 days prior to the check-in date, 30%
• If you cancel at the check-in date, no refund.